1 – Fix A Chainsaw

My brother who is training to be a logger texted my mom the other day. He asked her if I would like to fix his chainsaw. He needed it the next day. I texted him and asked for details. He said it wasn’t oiling properly.

This would be the first chainsaw I diagnosed on my own and I admit I was nervous.

When he came over, I saw the bar was pretty badly burned and the edges were rough. We took the bar off and made sure the oil pump was working properly. From there, we cleaned out the bar. The bar groove narrowed at the tip. That would cause the chain to bind and create friction (and thus burn the bar). Also, I found out he was using a bar oil that was likely too thick – especially for the sub zero temperatures we were experiencing.

After replacing the bar and getting some winter grade oil, he was good to go!


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