8 – Eat a “Common” Food In A New Way

A blend of turkey, beef, venison, and seasonings simmers on the stove. The aroma wafts throughout the house, making its way gracefully from one room to the next. The house begins to stir in anticipation of dinner. When Mom’s voice calls, “Supper’s ready!” family members hustle into the kitchen. The scraping of plates sliding against each other, the clink of plates touching the countertop, the happy bustling of hungry, excited people fills the air. Lettuce rips, tomatoes are cut, cheese is shredded, Doritos are crushed, people talk and laugh, salads are assembled. Taco Salad night is practically an event.

Tonight, I fashioned my salad differently than ever before. The lettuce leaves cradle the toppings in a shell-like fashion.


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