9 – Talk To Someone Old and Write Down What Their Life Was Like When They Were Your Age

To acquire ideas for this blog, I asked my Facebook friends what they recommend I try. One of them suggested talking with an old person about what their life was like at my age. My preschool teacher saw it and declared, “I’m old! I’ll volunteer!”

We planned to go to a new local coffeehouse that is quickly becoming my favorite local cafe. I arrived about fifteen minutes early and she was already there. We both ordered tea and caught up on life. I filled her in on my latest adventures and my siblings’ adventures. (We had all been in her class.) We got around to talking about her life as well.

At my age, she was married and life wasn’t so different as far as the world goes. People felt far safer. They didn’t lock their doors, they felt comfortable sleeping outside, and safe biking around town all day. Technology was vastly different too, but as a whole, life doesn’t seem so different.
We talked a little about what changed in people. We wondered why there’s a lack of respect for our fellow humans – why do people snap and take another persons life?

Growing up, she loved reading – something we have in common. She loved “Alice in Wonderland” and “Mary Poppins” and biographies. She doesn’t remember having a favorite book/biography at the time, but realized in the moment that she mostly read biographies about women. They were mostly political figures or had some political ties.

We talked more about life decisions and choices we face. We discussed trials and blessings we’ve experienced. We scheduled our next coffee date before rising to leave. We met one of the cafe owners as we packed up to leave and complimented him on his establishment. We hugged and laughed and mused.

As we walked out to our cars, I couldn’t help but smile. Not only had I learned more about someone else’s life, but I had made a friend.

Thank you for a lovely evening,


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