10 – Go To A Coffeehouse I’ve Never Been To Before

Last week, an old classmate reached out. He and I had become friends in Diesel Engine class – he served as a kind of mentor to me. He was very familiar with Diesels and I had no experience whatsoever. Our instructor would lecture for a portion of the class and then we would all head into the shop. There we disassembled, measured, and reassembled a Diesel engine. All the while, he continued explaining and telling stories so I would thoroughly understand Diesels. When our engine ran, I was tickled pink! Our friendship continued through the rest of the school year.

The first two cafes I thought to propose, just didn’t seem perfect. I asked my sister if one of the two was even around. She wasn’t sure, but when I looked it up I discovered it had indeed closed. That left me with one option. Don’t get me wrong, I adore it – it’s great. There was simply something missing. When my sister recommended a new place that opened, I jumped on it. Little did I know, it was occupying the same space that the closed coffee shop had inhabited.

The atmosphere was serene and the place was dimly lit. I wanted a cup of tea, so I took the barista’s suggestion and had the Maui blend. (I have no idea what that means, but it was pretty good.)



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