12 – Have A Virtual Coffee Date

History: Our story begins about three years ago. We were keeping God’s Feast of Tabernacles in Iowa. My friends told me I should go to this site, because it’s fabulous. None of them went to that site that year. I found out about two weeks beforehand. Taking a deep breath, I went anyway. The first night, I went to the meet and greet. I recognized one couple, but didn’t really know them. Another girl about my age was there. She didn’t know anyone either. This caused the older people we knew to push us together. “You two should hang out. She doesn’t know anyone either!” We looked similar enough we could pass as sisters. At first, conversation was difficult. According to her, I looked like a well-seasoned traveller. (Without the conversational skills.) Many a night that week, we stayed up late talking about life.

Present time: We reconnected about a month ago and made plans for a virtual coffee date. Almost as soon as I came home from work, we were supposed to talk. As soon as I walked in the door, I smelled coffee. Distracted by the delightful, rare smell that greeted my nostrils, I forgot all about my coffee date. Oh, the irony!
She texted asking if the number still belonged to me. I was startled and a wave of guilt smashed into me. Mom and I rapidly finished our hand of cards and I ran to my room, coffee in hand. I called her and we talked for over an hour. We were sad to have to call it a day, but will be making plans to do that again soon. It’s been far too long.

Here’s to you, sis.


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