14 – Join A Ukulele Group Class

Years ago, my sister purchased a ukulele. Almost as soon as she received it, she handed it to me and said, “Learn to play it and teach me?” Every so often I would pick it up and try to learn a little. This time will be a bit different. I’ll go to a group class every Thursday night for almost two months. Let me tell you how the first night went.

I left home half an hour before the class started. It was supposed to take me about 15 minutes to drive there. My mom gave me directions, but I took a wrong turn. I ended up just in time for the class instead of early. As I walked from my car to the building, an older man was leaving. He told me he overheard them say they moved the class to a different room. (I had missed the first week’s class anyway, but it was good to know.) Once inside, I spotted a familiar face behind the desk. I loudly whispered her name and pointed to my ukulele to ask where I should go. She and I walked toward each other and then she directed me to follow the path winding around the book stacks. “They’re in the room with the double doors,” she told me. A fellow coworker of ours was apparently in there too. I was relieved to know a few people.

I knew that my preschool teacher’s husband may be attending the lessons too, so I kept an eye out for him. I spotted him easily. There was an open seat next to him, but it wasn’t easy to access. I heard my other coworker’s voice and saw she was across the isle from him and down a few seats. There was an open seat next to her that I asked to take. She was happy to see me and we whispered a bit during the “downtimes” in class – the tuning and practicing and a little bit of the review. The older gentleman on my right jokingly warned us he may have to sit between us. He then started talking with me a few minutes later and my coworker repeated his words back to him. I giggled. When the class was over, I made sure to say hello to my preschool teacher’s husband.

I’m eager to go back this week. It’ll be lovely learning alongside people I know. They’ll also hold me more accountable to practicing.



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