17 – Do My Mom’s Hair

When I walked in the door from work, it was as though life stopped here. My sister paused her movie. My mom put down her phone. My dad looked away from his computer. My mom’s nails were painted red and I was reminded that she and my dad had an event to go to. This is a rare happenstance in our lives. There was something else though. My mom’s hair needed to be done. She recently had a haircut, but wasn’t sure what to do for the evening. I asked if she would like help. Affirmative. Immediately, I pulled Pinterest up on my phone. When I was planning to cut my hair to my shoulders, I pinned a few ideas. I went to find them. I eyed a few before choosing one. I tried it with some success, but didn’t know how it would stay through the night. Also, my mom didn’t like how the front looked. I tried again. This time, I used a combination of ideas. The concept was good, but I had to make up the bottom part. I praise God for guiding my mind and my hands in this creation. It stayed all night and even the front was cute! (Sorry. There will be no photos of the front as she hates her picture being taken.)



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