18 – Go To A Barre Class

It’s a habit of mine to say goodbye to my sister before I leave work. On one such day, I was telling her all the new things I could try for this blog. She suggested I go with the children’s librarians to a barre class as well. After I walked away from my sister, I went over to the children’s librarian on desk and asked her for details. She and one of the other girls go to the classes regularly. Some of the others go more sporadically.

The class they normally attend starts at 6am. I called the studio to find out how much time I would have between the class and work. Then I got in touch with the children’s librarians to plan which day I would go along.

The morning of the class, my car was at the mechanic’s so my mom gave me a ride. Not feeling like making awkward conversation with ladies I didn’t know, I waited in the truck until I recognized a librarian going inside.

Once inside, there was the typical paperwork and then I went into the adjoining room for the class. I picked up a yoga mat and light weights on my way to a spot along the wall with a barre. One of the children’s librarians came and sat down beside me. There was a brief introduction of the new people and then a warm up. After the warm up, we were all instructed to grab a workout ball roughly the size of a volleyball. One of the librarians walked up to me and softly said, “Welcome to hell.” At one point, we were on our toes in a squat and my legs couldn’t stop jumping. I laughed because I could do nothing about it. The librarian next to me said, “It’s okay, Simone. Shake it off.”

By the end of the class, I felt great. I was starting to feel it at work. By the end of the day, I was decidedly stiff. The next day, I could hardly walk. Stairs were especially difficult. I look forward to going back in the near future!

To The Pain,


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