24 – Go to ‘A Weekend To Remember’

Before I moved back home, my boyfriend and I started marriage counseling. One of their recommendations was that we go to marriage conferences. A Weekend To Remember was my boyfriend’s top choice. He knows many couples who have been there and loved it. Almost immediately, I looked up their event list and looked for the locations nearest us. One of them was in my hometown. How perfect!

The event lasts for a weekend. The first evening lasted about 3 hours, the second day ran a total of 9 hours, and the third and final day was about 3.5 hours long. There was a lot of information crammed into those days. Topics included: why marriages fail, conversation, unlocking the mystery of marriage, what every marriage needs, fighting the right way, sessions for women/men only, and leaving a legacy. That information caused much introspection. We experienced growing pains and general pain as we realized there are existing imperfections and changes that need to be made.

My boyfriend and I came out of it aching and weary, but determined to make necessary alterations.

Forever pursuing growth,


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