26 – Make Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread is one of those foods we all love. Sugar, cinnamon, and bread. Mm-mm-mm! My mom has made this a few times when we were growing up. She would have made it more, but it’s a lot of work. Many hands makes light work. That’s the truth. My sister and I made this with our mom yesterday. We formed a production line. My mom cut the dough. I dipped the dough in butter. my sister rolled those pieces in a cinnamon and sugar mix.

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My mom says most people make this with biscuit dough. We used pizza dough – three white: one wheat. We probably used a cup of butter total. The cinnamon sugar mix is my mom’s concoction. The recipe was supposed to be one bag of brown sugar and one tablespoon of cinnamon I believe. We used more than that. It was probably a ratio of a bag of brown sugar in an eight cup measuring glass, enough cinnamon to put a layer over that, and a sprinkling of white sugar. We didn’t use a bundt pan like they recommended, but we did layer all the pieces around the outside of the pan as much as possible. The extra butter and cinnamon sugar mix got sprinkled on top of the monkey bread. We baked it for thirty-five to forty minutes at three hundred fifty degrees. Guys, it was amazing!


Always monkeying around,


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