30 – Read Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage

Mark Gungor wrote a book called Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage. Within its covers, he tries to talk about important, deep marriage issues in a light-hearted manner. There were a few things that caused my guard to go up briefly. Little things, just like in other marriage books, where what’s truly a PERSON or HEART issue, is turned into a man vs. woman issue. You already know how much that frustrates me, so I won’t dwell on that point.

A lot of his points, are good. Helping couples understand that there’s a big difference to the male/female psyche is huge. What was frustrating, was reading about the couples who would get mad at each other about these things. They would fight and berate each other instead of taking time to ask questions and truly understand each other. What a horrible way to go about it!

By the way, people – being mean and rude is being mean and rude. It doesn’t matter who it’s directed towards.

Marriage, in my mind, should be a safe house. It should be your favorite place. That means being the best you can be. It means at least trying to be the best you can be. Marriage should be our greatest adventure. A journey where you are continuously growing, learning, changing – for the better.

If you read this book, I hope it helps you. Please keep in mind as you read it, that it can help you with more relationships than your marriage. These books can help you improve every relationship in your life if you’re willing to have an open, discerning mind.


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