36 – Go To SHEMA

You all know that HEMA exists, but you may be unfamiliar with SHEMA. SHEMA is girl’s night. We focused more on technique and took some time away from the fast pace of regular HEMA classes to allow ourselves time to perfect what we know.

Yes, I know, maybe I don’t yet have the right to say “we”, but these ladies are a family. They have been kind enough to treat me as one of their own.

For an hour, we ran through cuts. There are nine main cuts. I don’t think I butchered any of them too poorly, but I was far from perfect. I’m eager to spend more time in the gym practicing each cut until they are crisp, clean, and as close to perfect as I can come.

After we went through the cuts, we reviewed an ancient poem. Our HEMA leader requested we begin to go over it, because he intends to go over it in HEMA as well. He wants us all on the same page.

SHEMA is one of my favorite things that I have tried.

Pick up a sword sometime – it’s fun!


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