41 – Listen To Joyce Meyer

There are many people who enjoy listening to or reading Joyce Meyer. Finally, I checked out one of her items from our Audio Books selection at the library. It is titled “How To Handle Temptation”. Every year, before the holy days, trials seem to come harder and faster than any other time. In order to face them “better”, I have been listening to her recording. She has talked about the need to recognize temptation, to pray before entering a situation we know will be tempting, and to pray we see where we are deceived. What really caught my attention, was when she talked about how we’re tempted by many things: to be lazy, to overeat, to be impatient, sexual desires, to lie, etc. For me, hearing someone else reiterate that temptations come in all varieties was needed. She also talked about the phrase “entering into temptation”. I loved this because I never heard anyone analyze it before. She views it as follows: To pray we don’t enter into temptation doesn’t mean that we pray never to be tempted. That’s unrealistic. We are praying we don’t ACT upon that temptation and therefore sin.

What are your thoughts?


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