42 – Read A Book From a Genre I Wouldn’t Ordinarily Read

This one was hard for me. I’ll read just about anything besides romance. Then I realized I don’t read mysteries either. The day I was going to ask my friends to suggest an author, I noticed one of my friends recommend a mystery to a mutual friend of ours: the Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun. The next day, I picked up “The Cat Who Played Post Office” from the library. It’s intriguing, but sometimes she goes into more detail than I feel necessary. Perhaps they’re all important clues that I’m not tuning into. However, I’m realizing mystery really isn’t my cup of tea. The premise of this one is that a man inherits wealth, must move into the large mansion as part of the inheritance contract, and is trying to solve the mystery of a missing house-maid who disappeared before he moved in, get used to the new lifestyle, and apparently there’s a shocking murder too, though I haven’t read about it yet. His cat is said to have the ability to sense important things. So far, that appears true. Let me update you when I finish the book … or maybe I’ll just leave you hanging except to say how I liked the ending.

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