43 – Watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

All my life, I have heard people reference Indiana Jones. Finally, I thought it was time I understand. Indiana Jones is indeed something else. He’s full of adventure, suave, and debonair. Honestly, I do not have much to say about the movie. It is much as I anticipated – with one difference. When they introduced the lead female, I saw a confident, strong, and independent woman and was surprised. I thought she would be a damsel in distress type. What a lovely surprise! That is until the movie moves on and it’s revealed that she really is mainly a pretty face. She screams for Indiana Jones to save her, gets captured, almost decides to fight for her freedom, and hides behind a man the next minute. In some ways, I loved that she still kept trying. In other instances, it seemed like the writers were inconsistent with her character. It was almost as if she didn’t know whether to be brave and bold, or to hide and look for a hero. Overall, I have to say I prefer what I’ve seen of Indiana Jones over what I’ve seen of James Bond.

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