44 – Have a Virtual Cookie Baking Date

My boyfriend is absolutely fantastic! No, this isn’t completely intended to be one of “those” posts. Still, that will come up.

Most of our relationship has been long distance, as many of you know. Dates have been hard and provided some challenges. Recently, we (mainly he) has been making a concerted effort to make long distance dates a special occasion. One night, we got dressed up and sat beside a (virtual) fireplace and talked. The night that I’m writing about now, he decided we should bake together. He had never made cookies on his own. Technically, now he can say he has. We used the same recipe, spent time together, and ate our creation afterward. About a week later, we were able to share our cookies with each other when I went there for a visit. Being able to do that brought another smile to my face as I remembered the night. I had gotten dressed up, grabbed my phone and charger, and went downstairs to the kitchen. My family watched a movie together in the next room. They all questioned why I would dress up – it’s long distance and we’re baking cookies. To me, it’s still a date and that means I want to dress up and make it more special than an average night. When he called, we exchanged some pleasantries, found a recipe, and got everything around. The rest of the night went smoothly and tastily. I’m proud of him for his thoughtfulness and ingenuity. It makes me ridiculously happy to do something special and feel connected despite the distance.

With love overflowing,

(Sorry we forgot to take photos!)


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