49 – Read A Book Written By A Friend

This book is one that I will recommend to all my friends. I would love to do a group study on it someday.

“This book is not about faith or belief; it is about living faith and how to go beyond belief to life-changing Christian service, which cultivates the character of Jesus in us.”

When you look at your life, what influences do you see most prevalent? When I look at my life over the years, I see a shift that happened a few years back where I decided to pursue self-discipline to become more like Jesus and less like who I knew myself to be. Now, I see an imperfect woman who still strives toward that goal. I feel blessed to be me and to be called to this journey. I hold my head high, proud of who He is creating me to be.

“Worship is any act of service that brings glory to something or someone.”

These words jumped off the page for me. What have I done lately that brings glory to God? What have I done lately that glorifies me, rebellion, evil, or anyone/anything else? Those are deep questions that I still ponder. I don’t feel I have direct answers, but it reminds me that EVERYTHING I do is supposed to be for His glory.

Have you read the book? If so, what are a couple things that stood out to you? If you haven’t, what are your thoughts about my comments?

Read it!


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