56 – Sleep In A Silo

You have driven into the country, down winding roads. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and a breeze is blowing. You spot a beautiful, brown house with a gravel driveway. As you pull in, you see three other buildings to your right. One of those is a barn with a silo. Entering the silo, you see a mini fridge and a bread box. Upon turning to your left, you walk through a doorway into a room that holds the “Barn Bar”. The bar itself is red and beautiful. When you walk up the silo, you can’t help but admire the winding staircase. There are several landings that are decorated beautifully. Everywhere you look, there’s clearly attention to detail. You eventually make it up to the top floor. There you see windows all around you and two rope chairs suspended by the ceiling. You eye the ceiling and see the fold down ladder that leads to the bed. You unlatch the ladder and pull it down. When you climb up, you notice the bed is comfortable and the area feels spacious even with the ceiling coming to a peak. You note the TV on the wall and the DVD player at the foot of the bed. It is still day, so you leave your things behind and meet up with your friends. That night, when you return, you walk the staircase still in awe of the place. You pull your boots off at the foot of the ladder and climb into bed. Shortly before you fall asleep, you hear rain start to fall. You feel swathed in blessings as you fall asleep. Waking up, you groggily smile and greet the Lord. You make the bed, crawl down the ladder and put your boots back on. You pick up your phone and open the Bible app. After reading a few chapters, you sit in prayer occasionally looking out the windows to see the damp morning wake. Eventually, you put everything back as you found it and make the trek down the stairs. Your reluctance to leave slows your steps. As you close the door behind you at last, you smile.

This has been a lovely adventure,


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