58 – Bake A Dump Cake

At the library, I saw a book with dump cake recipes. Having never heard of such a thing, I took the book home. To be frank, I don’t bake cakes. In fact, I hardly ever love cake. I won’t turn down a piece if it’s offered, but it’s not my first choice for dessert. The reason the dump cake idea appealed to me was its simplicity. I hear cakes are hard to master and since I don’t like them much, there was no reason for me to try.

I paged through the book. A few recipes jumped out at me, but I asked my mom which ones sounded good to her. She chose about seven options – none of them matched mine. I chose Luscious Lemon Dump Cake (from her list) because I had leftover homemade lemon curd to use up.

The pan got nonstick cooking sprayed. The lemon instant pudding mix got spread on the pan and mixed with one cup of lemon curd and one and a half cups milk. When it was thick and creamy, the box of yellow cake mix got mixed in until it was moist. The remaining lemon curd was dropped by small spoonfuls onto the cake and swirled in with a table knife. The cake went into the oven at 350 degrees. After twenty minutes, I rotated it and set the timer for another twenty minutes. When I went to pull it out, it looked overdone. It was a medium brown. After it cooled, I made the glaze (two cups of powdered sugar whisked with one quarter cup of lemon juice). When that was poured over the cake, I let it sit a few minutes before cutting the first slices.

My parents and I were the first to try the cake. We all liked it. The glaze was a bit much, but it was good enough that my dad had a few pieces before it was gone (rare) and even took time to go out of his way to tell me he liked it.

This won’t be the last time we have this cake,


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