0.1 – Spend $1,000 On Car Repairs

Hey, when did I say it would all be fun? But seeing as this is a new experience for me, I figured I’d throw this on here. Plus, I’m choosing to look at the bright side. My car isn’t breaking down, it just needs general maintenance. This time around, it was misfiring (I thought the gears were slipping). They replaced the spark plugs and wires – problem solved. (approximately $300) While they had it in the shop, they noticed the right front and rear wheel bearings made a lot of noise and should be replaced. While it was in there for that, they noticed the front cv shaft needed to be replaced as well. I could wait, but it would be an additional $150 for labor to take it all apart again. I allowed them to proceed. (nearly $800) They also noticed the rear struts are noisy/worn. That would be a job for the spring. ($700) I praise God that my car is holding up well. Little rust, no major repairs at this point, and a delight to drive. 245,000 miles on it. I love my Subaru baby.

Praise YHWH,

UPDATE: Since I wrote this, I had about another $650 in repairs done. When I got my car back, it didn’t have the same “get up and go” that it once did. I thought it was the bad roads. A couple weeks later, I checked tire pressure, just to be safe. The front right tire was like a heater it was so hot. Turns out it was a sticking caliper. That caused my brakes and rotors to be replaced on both front tires – as well as a rubber hose that attaches the brake lines to all of that. Ouch. Here’s to hoping those rear struts can hold out a while longer.


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