71 – Watch The Sunset From High Cliff

“It’s nice out! We should watch the sun set at High Cliff!”

“I’ve been meaning to invite you guys to do that.”

My brothers took their motorcycles; I drove with my sister and my brothers’ friend. After we parked, we went up on the observation tower. My brothers are great at making friends. I had almost forgotten how good until that day.

A few other people were at the top when we arrived. Most left, but a couple stayed. Within minutes, one of my brothers was talking with them. He had taken their photo and wondered if they wanted it sent to them. They spent almost the rest of their time up there talking with our group. The next couple that came up, he did the same thing to. Now there was no awkwardness between us and any of these strangers. We all acted like friends/acquaintances. This kind of thing happened repeatedly with everyone who came up: sly and smooth compliments, not-so-smooth compliments, laughter, a phone being tossed off of the tower, walking on the railings, and other shenanigans. Basically, we had fun and were the life of the party. And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘they’ of course.

Someday I may be that outgoing, but it is not this day.


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